When it comes to fun toddler activities, we tend to focus on things like fine and gross motor skills. And while these are important, there are other things our children will benefit from learning. For example, Earth science is incredibly important, and children don’t need to be school aged to start learning. One way you can help children learn about the Earth is through the use of seeds. Below are four fun and simple activities for toddlers using seeds.

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4 Fun Toddler Activities Using Seeds

1. Make a Mini Greenhouse

The obvious thing to do with seeds is to plant them and watch them grow. But not every family has space for a garden. Does this mean that children without garden space don’t get to enjoy this process? Not at all! Use mini greenhouses instead. These little greenhouses are made from plastic cups and will fit in any windowsill, allowing your child to enjoy the process of watching their little garden grow.

2. Make Seed Paper

This one is a little complicated, but with your help, your child should be able to create seed paper. This paper is wonderful for making cards, gift tags, and other small items. In addition to learning about seeds and their uses, it is also an art project, letting your child explore his or her creative side.

3. Seed Mosaics

This is another crafty project you can do with seeds. While smaller children might struggle to make a mosaic of, say, a flower, it is perfectly acceptable to go abstract with your designs. The goal is to have fun, no create something perfect.

4. Make a Bird Feeder

This one is a classic, and allows your child to really get to interact with nature. There are so many simple bird feeders you can make with seeds, and your child will delight in watching the birds feed from them.

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February 17, 2017

4 Fun Toddler Activities Using Seeds

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