When it comes to building social engagement, most of the focus is what you can do on a daily basis to build your following and keep people engaged. But not everything needs to fall on your shoulders; some things can be done once and keep delivering for you.

4 WordPress Plugins that Help with Social Engagement

4 WordPress Plugins that Help with Social Engagement

This is the case with WordPress plugins. You add these to your site and they keep working for you day after day. Below are our top 4 picks for WordPress plugins that help with social engagement.

1. Gravity Forms

While commenting is a way to get in contact with you, not everyone will want their correspondence to be that public. Gravity Forms allows readers, sponsors, and others to contact you privately. You can put this form on any page to ensure that you are always contactable.

2. Digg

Social engagement isn’t just about making it easy for people to contact you. While interacting with your readers is big, this alone will not help you expand your reach. What will is getting your readers to share your content, and Digg makes this very easy. Digg works with a variety of social media platforms, including the big ones like Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

3. Yoast

Your blog isn’t field of dreams—just building it doesn’t mean the readers will come. For readers to find you, you need quality SEO. Yoast helps you with SEO, making it easier for readers to find you when searching topics of interest. While there are multiple plugins that accomplish this, Yoast tends to be the preferred choice.

4. nRelate

This plugin is great for keeping readers on your blog for longer. nRelate will feature related posts at the bottom of each blog post, encouraging readers to continue exploring. This plugin has really become a must, as readers expect to see these related posts when reading blogs.

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February 22, 2017

4 WordPress Plugins that Help with Social Engagement

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