We all have felt that mommy guilt over not provide kids with enough enrichment activities. Yes, days at the park are important, but aren’t we supposed to focus on history, science, the arts, and culture as well? Here are 5 fun museums for kids to visit.

5 Fun Museums for Kids

5 Fun Museums for Kids

Sure we are, but have you ever taken a kid to the art museum? If you have, you know it often isn’t the best place for little ones, and even older kids can be bored by it. So does that mean museums are off the table until your kids are older? Nope! There are plenty of museums around the country that are designed with kids in mind. Check out a few of them below.

Please Touch Museum—Philadelphia

This museum is designed for kids, but adults will love it too. Children of all ages, even infants, can enjoy exhibits and explore here. Everything is interactive and engaging, challenging kids to try new things and learn while having fun. Nothing here is hands-off, making it great for anyone who wants to get moving.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Get Creative; Make a Mess—that is the tagline for the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. This is another interactive museum where kids are encouraged to delve into the exhibits and have a blast. The focus of the museum is to help children embrace the diversity the world offers, from fauna and flora to cultures and more.

International Spy Museum—Washington D.C.

Unlike the museums above, this one isn’t ideal for little kids. But for kids 7 and older, it is a world of fun. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery will get a kick out of this museum where you can learn about the history of the spy craft, find out some tricks spies use, and even play a spy yourself.

City Museum—St. Louis

There really is no place like the City Museum. This renovated shoe factory features exhibits that thrill, challenge, and inspire both children and adults. Much like the International Spy Museum, this museum is better for older children and adults as most of the exhibits are not 100% safe for little ones.

Garden State Discovery Museum—Cherry Hill

Once again, this is a museum for everyone, from newborns on up. This museum covers everything, from science to history to arts and crafts. It is designed to be inclusive, so anyone and everyone can have fun here.

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February 24, 2017

5 Fun Museums for Kids

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