As every small business owner knows, the success of your business depends on you being able to maintain a pretty tight budget. And while advertising and promoting your business is vital to your success, it can also really pull from your budget. However, it doesn’t have to. There are many free and affordable ways to promote your small business. Check out 5 options we like below.

5 Affordable Ways to Promote Your Small Business

5 Affordable Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Focus on Your Blog

Even if your blog isn’t your business, you need to focus on it. If you can create awesome content that people love to share, you will get your business and brand out there on the minds of the public. If you are an awesome writer, this effort can be 100% free for you. Even if you’re not, look for quality writers willing to work at affordable prices.

Get with Google

Already have a Google+ account? That is a start, but it isn’t everything. If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you also need a Google My Business account. This account allows your business to show up when people complete local searches—say, handmade jewelry in Chicago—and also puts your business on Google Maps.

Seek Out Mentions

The more places your name and your business’ name is, the more aware people will be of the products and services you offer. This can be done without costing you a thing. Contact bloggers and others who have a big presence on social media and see if you can be interviewed for a project of theirs or get a mention. You can also register on Help a Reporter Out, a platform that allows you to pitch to journalists to become a source on their upcoming pieces.

Submit Your Own Articles

You don’t have to wait for someone else to write an article to get your name and business out there. Instead, write and submit your own articles. Target local publications as well as any specific to your industry to help establish yourself as an authority within your field.

Become a Sponsor

Many local schools and groups need sponsors for various activities. By offering your sponsorship, even if you aren’t able to offer much, ensures that you get the name of your business out there. In addition to being listed as a sponsor, see if they will include your business card or promotional material in any gift bags they give out.

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February 27, 2017

5 Affordable Ways to Promote Your Small Business

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