Time management is something most of us struggle with. You have work tasks, home tasks, school tasks, and more that you have to carefully juggle—or at least not forget. If you are a talented tasker, you might be able to handle off this on your own. But if you need a little help, like most of us, there are some apps that can make things easier for you. Below are 6 apps to help you manage time better.

4 Apps to Help You Manage Time Better

4 Apps to Help You Manage Time Better


Clear is a great app for those who get overwhelmed by large tasks and do better when things are broken down into pieces. This is a list app, making it easy to read and navigate, and you can keep things organized by theme. It is an iOS app and also works with Apple Watch, allowing you to remain on task no matter where you are.


If you need some help with scheduling meetings, Clara will take care of the task for you. Rather than emailing back and forth with people to find a time that works for everyone, Clara will handle the task. Instead of wasting time every day trying to pin people down, Clara goes to work and comes back to you with the meeting set up.


Are you looking for an option that keeps everyone on track, and not just you? Wunderlist is a great option. It works on many platforms and can be used to keep work teams on task or ensure your family knows what is going on each day. Its list style is easy to use and easy to manage, making it ideal for pretty much anyone.

Rescue Time

Not sure where you are going wrong when it comes to managing your time? Then you need Rescue Time. This app analyzes what you are doing and how much time you lose doing it to help you spot the time vampires in your life and reduce or eliminate them. Now, it is limited to the things you do online, but if you work online, this is incredibly helpful. It will even block problematic website to ensure you stay on task.

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March 1, 2017

4 Apps to Help You Manage Time Better

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