Are you a food blogger? Then you need to use a recipe plugin on your blog. These plugins are designed to take your food blog to the next level, making it easier for readers to interact with your content and use it when cooking at home. Of course, saying that is fairly abstract, so let’s go ahead and take a look at the benefits of using a recipe plugin on your blog.

The Benefits of Using a Recipe Plugin on Your Blog

The Benefits of Using a Recipe Plugin on Your Blog

They Improve Your Pins

If you have searched for recipes on Pinterest, you have no doubt noticed that some pins will show you the ingredients needed for the recipes within during the Pinterest-generated preview. This is incredibly helpful, because it lets you see if the recipe is likely to work for you before you go ahead and pin or click. But, not all pins have this, and the reason not all pins have this is not all bloggers using recipe plugins. It is the plugin that helps to generate this list. Since many Pinterest users have come to expect these ingredient lists, pins without them are more likely to be skipped.

They Help Search Engines Categorize Your Recipes

It used to be that you had to search for recipes by loading your search terms with key words. Dairy-free chocolate cake, gluten-free snacks, and so on. Now, many search engines allow you to set parameters for your search by checking boxes rather that loading up with keywords. You can specify dietary restrictions, types of cuisine, specific ingredients, and more. Your recipe plugin will make sure that search engines know exactly how to classify your recipes, making it easier for readers to find you.

They Make it Easy to Print

Sure, your readers could copy down the recipe or just pull it up on their phone while shopping, but that isn’t super convenient and not everyone will be happy with that. The more convenient it is for readers to use your recipe, the more likely they will be to do so—and to come back time and time again. Recipe plugins provide readers with printer-friendly versions of your recipes so they can use it while shopping and while cooking.

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March 7, 2017

The Benefits of Using a Recipe Plugin on Your Blog

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