Why do people work from home? There are many, many reasons to choose a work-from-home position over working in an office. But a big reason for many is that they can set their own hours, make their job work around their schedule rather than their schedule work around their job, and they can do their work from pretty much anywhere. In short, they choose it because they aren’t boxed into a schedule.

Why You Need a Schedule Even When You Work from Home

Why You Need a Schedule Even When You Work from Home

But does that mean no schedule is needed? While it is possible to work without a schedule, this often leads to problems. If you are going to make the most of working from home and not burn out, a schedule is best. Below are some reasons why you need a schedule even when you work from home.

It Keeps You on Task

And this applies to both work tasks and other tasks. When you work from home, it is easy to tell yourself that things can wait or get moved around on a whim. You might put off work because you would prefer to clean in that moment, or a work task is calling to you so you put off family time. The end result isn’t the balance you are going for, but rather too many things not done and a sense of panic over figuring out how to fit them in.

It Establishes Balance

When you are simply going from task to task, it is hard to see how everything stacks up. But, when you are looking at in on paper—or a screen—it becomes clearer how much time you are devoting to the different areas of your life. Your will find yourself noticing where the deficits are, making it easier to correct it. Which ultimately ward off burnout.

It Keeps You Professional

Working from home is still working, and success depends on a professional demeanor. Unfortunately, when you work from home, it can be all too easy to let a lot of professionalism go. Even if you aren’t willing to give up working in your pajamas, you need to find ways to treat your job as a job. One way to do that is to hold yourself to a schedule.

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March 8, 2017

Why You Need a Schedule Even When You Work from Home

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