We are just weeks away from the official start of spring, and many of us are more than happy to leave winter behind. If you are excited to welcome a new season, why not celebrate it with your preschooler? There are so many fun ways to celebrate the start of spring, learn about this wonderful season, and enjoy it throughout the following three months. Below are 4 fun ways to welcome spring with your preschooler.

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4 Fun Ways to Welcome Spring with Your Preschooler

Flower Printing

Okay, so wild flowers might not be growing just yet, but don’t let that stop you. You can head to the florist to purchase their cheaper offerings or even use fake flowers if needed. This is a fun activity that can easily be customized to your needs and interests by incorporating different colors, paper textures, and more. You can even use it as part of a larger craft to really turn it into something special.

Sensory Garden Bin

This one will get a little messy, but we promise, it is worth it. Kids love to dig in the dirt, and this sensory bin turns that into a genuine learning experience. Once again, you can customize this to your needs and interests, but no matter how you approach it, it is sure to be a big hit.

Growing Seeds

This one won’t come with an instant reward, but it will help your child better understand nature, how we interact with it, and why patience is a virtue. You can create just one of these seed pods or you can create many of them. The size of the project is up to you.

Read Books About the Season

Children can learn so much about the world around them through reading. If spring arrives and the weather just isn’t right for some of the other activities, this is one you can enjoy no matter what. The link above recommends over 20 different books you can read with your child to celebrate the start of spring.

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March 10, 2017

4 Fun Ways to Welcome Spring with Your Preschooler

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