By now, we all understand the power of a quality visual. Without them, links do not get clicked and posts do not get read. But if you are blogging on a budget, creating visuals that grab readers can be a bit difficult. Can you craft pictures that pull in readers without breaking the bank? Yes you can. All you need to do is use one of the 3 free websites for adding graphics to photos listed below.

3 Free Websites for Adding Graphics to Photos

3 Free Websites for Adding Graphics to Photos

But Why Graphics?

Before we get into those websites, you might be wondering why graphics matter. Many people expect that quality photos should be able to stand on their own. In some cases, they can, but for every post you create, you are going to need at least one image that also has graphics. These pictures can be used before the cut on your posts to encourage readers to keep going, and they are excellent on social media, giving scrolling readers the chance to get what your post is all about without even reading it.


The name of this one seems a bit offputting, making it feel like it is more for sharing things with friends and being silly than making professional visuals. However, it actually offers some of the most striking, well-designed graphics that you can get for free. Not everything is free on this site, but what is free is very good.


PicMonkey is a fun to use site that offers graphics that are free, easy to use, and work for both professional and casual applications. You can create visuals that are blog worthy as well as those that are just between you and your friends. In addition to standard graphics, it also offers the ability to resize and lightly edit photos, as well as put them into a collage.


In terms of flexibility and ease of use, it is hard to beat Canva. You can start with premade templates for all sorts of applications—including social media headers, posters, and infographics. This is a site that is targeted towards professionals, so everything here is high quality. However, the free graphics offered are limited, so be careful as you design. Still, even if you fall in love with a paid item, at a dollar a piece, you can afford it.

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March 13, 2017

3 Free Websites for Adding Graphics to Photos

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