The weather has been pretty crazy lately. One day it is winter, the next we are in the depths of summer. And while it is starting to feel like we are skipping spring altogether, the truth is that it is right around the corner. And even if the weather is a bit off, our routines can remain the same. Which means that now is the time to gear up for spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Get Organized

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Get Organized

Of course, there are many aspects to spring cleaning. Today, we are going to focus on organization. Below are our spring cleaning tips to help you get organized.

Get Some Cute Bins and Other Organizers

The hardest part of organizing is keeping things organized. And the reason why it is so hard is that you struggle to find the desire to keep up with it. One way to motivate yourself is with cute bins and other organizers that make you want to use them and help you feel better about the way your space looks. You don’t needs to spend a ton on these either. Instead, check out dollar stores, clearance racks at design stores, and consider going DIY.

Purge, Purge, Purge!

Not everything need to be organized and filed away neatly; plenty of things can just be gotten rid of. Trash the trash, donate what isn’t so bad but doesn’t serve you, and then step back and feel relief wash over you. Not only will it be easier to organize everything, but you will find that letting go of things you do not need actually helps take stress away.

Use Labels

If you watch enough comedies, both film and TV, you will come across a scene about the crazy labeler. This person is anal retentive and their label maker is their most beloved possession. They use it to label every little thing and drive everyone nuts.

And this might make you reluctant to label. But the truth is that doing so makes it much easier to stay organized. It is all too easy to forget which items go in which box, so embrace those labels. Just maybe put them in less-obvious spots so you don’t earn a reputation.

Keep Up with It

Organize a little every day. Even if you give just five minutes, it will make a big difference. Consider making a schedule of which rooms you organize each day to make it feel less overwhelming, which makes you more likely to stick with it.

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March 15, 2017

Spring Cleaning Tips to Help You Get Organized

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