Paperless: is it a good idea, or just a buzzword used to sell solutions you don’t need? In our opinion, it is the way to go—definitely not just some buzzword. Going paperless helps with everything from organization to destressing in your office. But even if you embrace going paperless, is it possible to do it 100%?

Can You Really Go Paperless?

Can You Really Go Paperless?

That depends on your perspective. What do we mean by that? Well, chances are you cannot eliminate receiving some paper items. For example, if you purchase items for your business, you are going to need receipts for tax purposes, and very few stores will offer paperless receipts (and no, credit card statements are not sufficient). So for items like these, you do need to accept paper.

But, you do not need to keep it. Instead, you can photograph or scan receipts and then rid yourself of them; just be sure you back up your files in multiple places so you never get caught in a sticky situation.

Are there other aspects that can be difficult when going paperless? Not really. It will take some effort, but it isn’t all that difficult. Start with your bills and bank statements; contact the companies to inquire about going paperless. Most companies are happy to do this as it saves them money, time, and effort; in fact, many will offer you a discount to do so.

Next, if you have clients contacting you by snail mail, start to encourage them to switch over to email. Stop giving out your physical address for business purposes unless it is 100% needed. Even when it comes to accepting payments, ask that clients pay via transfer, PayPal, or deposits at the bank.

Finally, when purchasing items, see if you can select an environmentally friendly option. This will reduce the amount of paper used and reduce the amount that comes into your office. And whatever does come in, scan if needed, then toss.

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March 16, 2017

Can You Really Go Paperless?

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