Easter is coming up soon, and if you are a parent or grandparent, that means thinking about putting together Easter baskets. While sweet treats are great—and appreciated by the kids—you don’t want to gift a basket that has nothing more than chocolate rabbits and eggs. And unlike Halloween, you can absolutely gift other items without being seen as a killjoy. Below are 7 things to put in Easter baskets besides candy.

7 Things to Put in Easter Baskets Besides Candy

7 Things to Put in Easter Baskets Besides Candy

1.Coloring Books

This is a great option for kids of all ages. Little ones will love simple coloring books, young kids will enjoy activity books, and for older kids and teens, there are plenty of intricate coloring books that will work well.


Who doesn’t love stickers? You can grab these at the dollar store, getting hundreds of stickers for next to nothing. And for older kids, look into specialty stickers for laptops and other items.

3.Craft Kits

You can purchase craft kits or make your own. Go for something fun and silly or keep it Easter themed. To make this idea work for all ages, increase complexity with age.

4.Gift Cards

You don’t need to put a lot on the card; just five dollars will do just fine. Just make sure that it can buy something wherever you get the card for. For older kids, iTunes gift cards are a great idea.


Is there a movie that your child or grandchild would love to have? Go get it! DVDs fit well into Easter baskets and can help frame it, making it easier to display items inside.


Another item that can help frame the basket? Books. And unlike movies, this is an item that you will feel very good about gifting.

7.Small Accessories

These can be hair items, simple jewelry, dress-up items, or even for dolls or action figures they love. In some cases, they might even be small enough to fit in plastic eggs.

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March 17, 2017

7 Things to Put in Easter Baskets Besides Candy

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