Easter is still a ways away, but soon enough we will all be boiling eggs and dying them. And while this is a fun activity with the kids, it does pose a certain conundrum: what will you do with all those eggs?

5 Recipes for Using Up Leftover Hardboiled Eggs

5 Recipes for Using Up Leftover Hardboiled Eggs

You can only eat so many plain with salt and pepper before you can’t look at another egg. And there are only so many salads you can top. So, to help you cope with your plethora of eggs this Easter, check out our list of 5 recipes for using up leftover hardboiled eggs.

Kick Up Your Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has become pretty trendy, and with good reason: it is filling, healthy, and you can easily customize it. One great way to do so is to slice hardboiled eggs and lay them on top of the toast. You can keep it simple or add other items so you get exactly what works for you.

Make a Breakfast Pizza

This recipe is a fun and simple way to create breakfast pizzas, but you can also use pita bread or even make your own crust. Just like the avocado toast, there are so many ways you can customize it, so even in a family of picky eaters, everyone can get a breakfast they love.

Give Your Tuna Salad Something Extra

While you can use the recipe above, you can also stick with whatever recipe you usually enjoy. All you need to do is peel and chop the egg and then mix it in. It adds a little more substance to the tuna salad while also increasing the protein.

Put More Protein Into Your Grilled Cheese

Another dish that can benefit from a little more protein? Grilled cheese. With melty, gooey cheese and salty, crispy bacon, this becomes the ultimate sandwich, good enough for lunch, but also hearty enough for dinner.

Forget About Healthy and Make Scotch Eggs

Okay, so this idea isn’t so great for staying healthy, but everyone should cheat a little, right? Known as a pub food in the UK, Scotch eggs are hearty, tasty, and work as an appetizer or as part of a breakfast.

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March 22, 2017

5 Recipes for Using Up Leftover Hardboiled Eggs

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