Snow days are behind us, right? Unfortunately, for some of us, the answer is no. But even if snow is no longer in your forecast, we are entering the rainy season, which means you need to find ways to entertain the kids indoors. To help, check out the 4 fun games you can enjoy inside below.

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4 Fun Games to Play Inside on Snowy or Rainy Days

100 Cup Challenge

This game is great. Not only can it be played inside, but it will keep everyone busy for a long time. There are also various ways you can change it up, such as using different colored cups or different sizes of cups. Many kids will want to play it again and again, so if you work from home, it can help free up time for you.

Balloon Tennis

Tennis is not such a great game to play inside the house, but balloon tennis is just fine. This game can be played in any room of the house and is good for kids of all ages. To add to the game, have the kids decorate their rackets after they make them, incorporating some craft time into playtime.

Ring Toss

Kids of all ages love this game, and adults get pretty into it too. This is a game that is simple to set up once and play over and over again, keeping the kids happy for a long time. Much like the tennis game, there is also room for some craftiness as well, extended the time you can spend on the activity.


This one is pretty silly, and that means it is also tons of fun. Big kids will do best with this game and will love the challenge of it. Once again, it can be played over and over, and kids will want to so they can keep building their skills and win the challenge.

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March 25, 2017

4 Fun Games to Play Inside on Snowy or Rainy Days

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