When it comes to making money blogging, the keyword is monetization. Google it and you will find tons of ways to make money off of blogging, many of the lists giving you 30 ways or more of monetizing your blog. So many options can inspire hope. It can also completely overwhelm.

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Posts

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Posts

So instead of trying out 30 different ways to monetize, let’s look at just those that apply specifically to blog posts. Check out 4 ways to monetize your blog posts below.

Cost Per Mile Advertising

Most of us have heard of Pay Per Click advertising as a way to make money blogging. But once we read more about it, we see that you have to have a massive audience to make any money at all. For those of us who are just getting started with monetization, this is troublesome. Cost Per Mile is different; rather than paying you per click, it pays you per page view. For every 1,000 views, you get paid a set amount.

Text Link Ads

In terms of a non-intrusive way to monetize your blog posts, text link ads are as good as it gets. You simply hyperlink key phrases within your post and these links take readers to a product. You need to be part of an affiliate marketing program and must link to the companies they work with, but beyond that, you have a lot of flexibility with how you link and what you link to.

In Text Ads

These are quite similar to text link ads. In both cases, you link to products and the goal is for readers to click on those text links. However, this option is slightly more intrusive, but at the same time tends to get more results. In text adds are double underlined, and when scrolled over, show a popup ad. These ads help to secure the click that gets you paid.

Product Reviews

This is generally done as part of an affiliate marketing program. You are sent products and based on your experience of them, you write and post reviews. Once posted, you get paid, and you get to keep the product. In this way, you get double the payment. Then, you can use affiliate links to the product, earning money per click, per purchase, or however the affiliate is set up.

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March 27, 2017

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Posts

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