Many of us dream of being able to travel around the world and see all the sights we have seen in movies, on TV, and in our friends’ Instagram posts. But when we look at the stack of bills on the table, we put it off, telling ourselves it is something we can do later. When we have more money. When we are older, more established. When the kids are grown. When we are retired. And how many people have done this only to never make it to those places?

What You Need to Know to Get Started Travel Blogging

What You Need to Know to Get Started Travel Blogging

But there is a way to do it all: travel blogging. Of course, like any other career path, success is something you must work hard for. To help, we have come up with a list of thing you should know before you jump into travel blogging.

It Isn’t Just a Diary

They key to making a living as a travel blogger is that you have to make money. While a diary-style blog is fine for those simply looking to document their travels, it isn’t going to pay the bills. You must look into monetization and figure out the techniques that will work best for you. Then, you need to make sure that every post you make offers your audience more than just your experiences. People need to learn something, discover something, feel something—otherwise they aren’t going to keep coming back.

You Are a Boss, Not Just an Author

Travelling takes time, but so does blogging. This means that you are likely going to need to outsource various tasks, from research to photo editing. Many people jump into blogging thinking of themselves as authors alone, but the truth is that you quickly become a boss. That means delegating organizing, following up, and maintaining high standards for all involved.

And if you don’t outsource? Expect to spend about 6-10 hours a day working on your blog.

You Will Never Travel Alone Again

And we don’t just mean that your audience will read your posts and share the experience with you. We mean that they are always there, like the angel and devil on your shoulder, telling you how they would see things, what would interest them, what isn’t worth the time. Every trip you take will be filtered through the lens of “what will my audience like?” And while it does take some adjusting to, it doesn’t mean that travel will not be enjoyable, just different.

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March 28, 2017

What You Need to Know to Get Started Travel Blogging

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