Those Easter baskets at the store sure are cute. But they also all look alike, and they tend to be pretty expensive. Considering they are destined to be used once and then never again, it makes you want to seek out alternatives.

6 Alternatives to Plastic Easter Baskets

6 Alternatives to Plastic Easter Baskets

And that is where we step in to help. We have found our 6 favorite alternatives to plastic Easter baskets that you can use for your kids, grandkids, students, and more. Check them out below.

Use Wood

This one isn’t simple to make, but if you are handy with wood, it is a great way to go. Not only is it super cute, but you can bet it won’t simply be tossed out the way a basket from the store would be. You can easily customize the size, making the basket as large or small as you need.

Opt for a Bag

Yes, they are called Easter baskets, but it is boring to follow the rules. And a bag can work just as well, while also being much easier to reuse. There are plenty of ways you can bring in an Easter feel without making things too Easter specific.

Try Out Jelly Rolls

What are jelly rolls? They are rolls of fabric, usually scraps from the fabric store, that have been rolled together, creating a rope-like shape. You simply need to coil them together to create the basket, securing them with glue, thread, or another method of your choice. These baskets are very unique and great for display after the holiday is over.

Recycle Berry Cartons

So this isn’t an option that will be kept around, but that is fine, depending on the circumstance. We love the idea of using these baskets for gifts to students, or gifts to teachers, or in any situation where you need to make some cute and simple gifts for multiple people.

Keep it Simple Yet Sophisticated

This basket design looks very chic, making it ideal for displaying after the holiday is over. Depending on the size, it will even work as a pet bed. But despite how great it looks, it is actually very simple to make; no sewing is needed.

Go Egg Shaped

Finally, this is a craft that the whole family will love. Each person can make their own Easter basket that is shaped like an egg. All you need is a balloon, some string, beans, and fabric stiffener, though you can get creative with the additions.

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March 31, 2017

6 Alternatives to Plastic Easter Baskets

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