STEM learning has become a big focus in schools around the world, and when you look at trends in employment and job growth, it is easy to see why: STEM fields are growing, and leaving other fields behind.

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4 Ways to Encourage STEM Learning with Your Child

This means that if you are going to prepare your child for the future, you need to focus on STEM education. But for those of us who didn’t get much of it as a child, it can seem difficult to do. To help, let’s check out 4 ways to encourage STEM learning with your child.

1. Opt for Toys that Play into STEM Concepts

And chances are you already have some in your home. LEGOs, for example, are great for teaching engineering and science concepts to young children without them even realizing what they are learning. Look into anything related to building things or conducting science experiments, as well as math manipulatives that feel more like play and less like school.

2. Look into a Summer Camp

STEM summer camps have been popping up all over the country over the last decade. They focus on all sorts of STEM-related topics, from animation to filmmaking to robotics. Digital Media Academy is one STEM summer camp provider to look into, as they have camps all over the country on college campuses. However, you will likely be able to find local providers as well.

3. Limit Screen Time

The T in STEAM stands for technology, which makes it easy to tell yourself that you are helping by giving your child screen time. In reality, this tends to hurt more than help. When you do allow your child to indulge in screen time, look into apps that specifically focus on STEAM concepts, such as programming basics.

4. Use Time in the Car

Time in the car is great for math games. You can count specific objects as you pass them, come up with a more complex game where you count the objects but then subtract as you see others, or do whatever strikes you. However, it is a great time to communicate with each other and brush up on math concepts.

Do you have another idea for encouraging STEM learning with your child? Share it with us!

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May 24, 2017

4 Ways to Encourage STEM Learning with Your Child

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