Spring is here, and if school isn’t out yet, it will be soon enough. As such, you probably need some fun activities to keep the little ones busy. So, why not embrace the season with some fun flower crafts that your child will love? Below are 5 fun spring flower crafts for your preschool that we happen to love.

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5 Fun Spring Flower Crafts for Your Preschooler

Paper Plate and Tissue Paper Flowers

We happen to like this one for younger children or those struggling with fine motor control. You can cut out the flower shape from the plate and then allow your child to roll up the tissue paper as best as they can and then paste it onto the flower. This works for kids as young as 12 months with your help.

Q-Tip Daisies

To get this one looking right, you need a good degree of fine motor control, so we recommend this option for older preschoolers and those who will be heading into kindergarten in the fall. We love this craft because it looks so different from your typical flower crafts, really mimics the look of the daisy and uses items you probably already have at home.

Paper Plate Garden

This craft takes a different approach to the paper plate flower and is good for creating a whole garden within your home—perhaps on the fridge or in the windows. This is a good craft for all ages, though younger children might require some extra help to get it done.

Hawaiian Lei

We like this craft because it goes beyond the flowers and opens up discussions on culture, geography, and more. Plus, when it is all said and done, you get to wear the craft, and that is always a plus, right? Well, at least for the kids it is.

Potted Flower Dessert

Finally, what is better than an edible craft? This cute craft/dessert is sure to be a hit with all the kids and the adults too. Make it for a party or just make it for fun; you don’t need an excuse to enjoy this one.

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May 26, 2017

5 Fun Spring Flower Crafts for Your Preschooler

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