If you are feeling stressed in your work or personal life, the first thing to do is look into ways you can get organized. So often the stress we feel comes from things feeling chaotic, so one way you can tackle it is to get your life into better order.

5 Free Tools to Help You Get Organized

5 Free Tools to Help You Get Organized

Of course, we expect that to cost. There are boxes and bins and cabinets to buy, apps to purchase, and more. But the truth is you do not need to put a lot of money into it. Below are 5 free tools to help you get organized.

Google Calendar

Chances are this is one tool you are already using, whether you know it or not. Google Calendar is native on most phones, and if you use Gmail, your events are already syncing with it. The intuitive design makes it a breeze to use and it doesn’t have tons of bells and whistles, so it runs fast.

Your Trash Can

Now we are taking it old school. Keeping your life organized often means getting rid of things. Now, this garbage can might be a literal garbage can where you throw out all the junk you don’t need, but it can also be figurative. Maybe you need to get rid of things that should be donated or recycled instead of thrown away. But no matter what, get to clearing things out.

Entryway Organization

Are you the type to come into the house and throw your stuff anywhere and everywhere? Create an entryway organizer. You do not need to spend money to do this; chances are you already have things around the house that you can use to make this happen, whether you are simply repurposing them or you are getting crafty.

IF (If This, Then That)

This free app brings over 300 other apps together to allow you to control your digital life from just one spot. Everything syncs, and all notifications come from just one spot. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the alert icons on your phone, IF will help.


But maybe you need something a little more. In this case, 24me is a virtual assistant that can do most anything that a live assistant would do. You are alerted to events, bills that are due, birthday, and more. Notes are organized, calendars are synced, and everything just runs smoothly.

Do you have a free tool you love to use for staying organized? Tell us about it.

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May 31, 2017

5 Free Tools to Help You Get Organized

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