It is advice we first heard in school from our teachers: narrow your focus, but not too narrow. Go too broad and you can never cover anything with meaningful depth. Go too narrow, and you will never find enough material to get the job done.

How to Narrow Down Your Blog Focus

How to Narrow Down Your Blog Focus

This also applies to blogging. You want a focus that is broad enough to give you years of posts, but narrow enough that it feels coherent to your readers. But how can you do this?

Start Big

What are you interested in writing about? Think big, think broad: this is just a starting point. Maybe you love fashion, or food, or books. This will be the umbrella topic and can be thought of as the larger niche of your blog.

Break it Down

Take that big topic and break it down into subtopics. Let’s use fashion as an example. There is men’s fashion, plus-size fashion, children’s fashion, and so on. Come up with as many categories that you can. Then, eliminate those that do not interest you.

And Break it Down Some More

Look at the subtopics that you are still interested in. How can you further divide them up? Using children’s fashion as an example, you have designer fashion, thrifty option, DIY, and so on. Once you complete this breakdown, you should better be able to see what interests you.

Make a Selection and Brainstorm Blog Posts

Pick the subtopic that interests you the most. Now, brainstorm blog post ideas. This will help you to see if you have the creative juice needed to go the distance with this topic. It will also help you see if you are being repetitive, which may indicate that you went too narrow.

Once Comfortable, Get Blogging

Feeling good about your choice? Take some of those ideas you brainstormed and bring them to life. As you go, you will see if you need to broaden your focus or tighten it up.

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June 5, 2017

How to Narrow Down Your Blog Focus

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