What would you do if your blog disappeared tomorrow? Cry? Despair? Break things? Unfortunately, this is a very real possibility, which means that perhaps the most important thing you can do as a blogger is to learn how to back up your blog. Many bloggers, even those who are highly experienced, have no idea that they are supposed to be backing up their blogs every day, or even that it is possible. If this includes you, keep reading to learn how you can protect yourself.

Backing Up Your Blog Made Simple

Backing Up Your Blog Made Simple

Step One: Download a Plugin

There are a few plugins you can choose from, and you are more than welcome to give a few of them a try to see which one is best suited to your needs. However, the Word Press Database Backup Plugin is a solid choice and is used by many professional bloggers, making it the ideal place to start.

Step Two: Install the Plugin on Your Blog

This is pretty straightforward, and if you have installed other plugins, you should know exactly what you are doing here. If you are a plugin novice, all you need to do is head to the admin area of your blog, select the plugin menu, then select add new. From there, you browse your directory until you find the plugin you just downloaded. Click install and you are good to go.

Step Three: Play with the Settings

In the case of the plugin we recommended, the only setting you really should worry about is how often you want the plugin to back up your blog. If you blog daily, backup daily. However, the longest you should go between backups is a week.

The whole process is quick and easily, and it saves you a lot of heartache down the road. If you do not already back up your blog, the time to do it is now.

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June 8, 2017

Backing Up Your Blog Made Simple

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