There is never enough time in the day to do everything you need to do, but we firmly believe there is always enough time for exercise. Even if you can’t spend an hour at the gym every single day, there are small ways you can work in a little exercise that will add up over time. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our top 3 ways to fit more exercise into your day.

3 Ways to Fit More Exercise into Your Day

3 Ways to Fit More Exercise into Your Day

1. Take Time to Stretch

Does this need to be yoga? No, but it wouldn’t hurt. The idea is to take a couple minutes 3-4 times a day to do a little stretching. Spend at least two minutes on this, but five is a better goal. Do this first thing in the morning, whenever you feel a little tired during the day, and before bed.

2. Inconvenience Yourself

Okay, that sounds awful, but what we mean is that when you encounter those modern conveniences that let your work your body less—such as elevators and escalators—skip them and take the healthier, if less convenient, route of stairs. Other ways you can use the idea of inconveniencing yourself to make a positive impact on your body are walking instead of driving, parking farther away when you do drive, and taking the long route when walking around your house or the office.

3. Take a Stand

Do you sit most of the day in front of a computer? Then switch to a standing desk. If standing full time is too much for you, there are many adjustable desks on the market that transition between standing and sitting to give you options throughout the day. This seems like a small change, but compared to the other ideas on this list, it is the one that will have the greatest impact.

Do you have special tricks for sneaking in exercise? Share them with us in the comments.

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June 12, 2017

3 Ways to Fit More Exercise into Your Day

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