For many bloggers, it is easy to look over the About Me page. We figure it won’t get much traffic, and unlike other pages, certainly won’t get repeat visitors. But approaching it without care is a mistake. As it ends up, the About Me page is often one of the most visited pages on any blog, and also one of the most common to show up in search engine results. So when it comes to making the About Me page, you need to make it count.

What to Put on Your Blog’s About Me Page

What to Put on Your Blog’s About Me Page

So, what do you need to turn your About Me from bland to amazing? Include the items below.

Start with a Hook

You want your first statement to be something that will grab readers’ attention while making it clear what your blog is about. This first sentence will be what shows up in search engine previews and it is the key to getting that clock. Thing about something short and sweet, but also funny, ensuring that readers feel engaged before they ever make it to your blog.

Include Testimonials

And if you want the greatest impact from these, use examples from social media. As you no doubt know by now, social proof can make or break a blogger, so showcasing it on your About Me page is a great way to show readers that your blog is worth their time.

Sell Yourself, but Be Honest

This is the page to do a little bragging, but just like with a resume, you should not over exaggerate or outright lie. Readers can tell when someone is being dishonest, and sponsors and affiliates will certainly figure it out.

Keep it Short

While the biography is needed, it should not be a novel. Readers and sponsors want to see what is relevant, not your entire life history. Stay focused and all will be well.

State Your Mission

Why are you blogging in the first place? Readers want to know what inspired you to get started, and this is a great way to help them relate to you. Share what you want to accomplish with your blog and how you want them to be a part of it.

Is there anything else you would include in your About Me page? Tell us what you think is needed.

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June 13, 2017

What to Put on Your Blog’s About Me Page

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