We all inherently know there is value in sticking to a schedule, but all too often, we decide to sacrifice the schedule to other things, such as getting in a little extra fun, getting ahead on a specific project, or just avoiding something we do not like. In the short run, this might pay off, but in the long run, it only causes problems. To help you get motivated to stick to your schedule, check out some benefits of doing so.

The Benefits of Sticking to a Schedule

The Benefits of Sticking to a Schedule

1. You Will Toss that To-Do List Sooner

Just having a to-do list can feel stressful, with all those tasks looming over you. But when you stick to a schedule, you plow through those tasks sooner. This means reduced stress in the long term. Yes, there will always be another list, but for now, you will at least get to toss one.

2. You Get to Relax More

While it does mean not relaxing whenever you want to, sticking to a schedule means that you can pencil in down time, and if you get through your tasks sooner, possibly even more time to relax. This is one of those aspects where delayed gratification means more gratification for you.

3. It Puts You in Control

If you are the one setting the schedule, you are making the decisions and deciding how your day will go. You can prioritize certain aspects, fit in things that are special to you, and find the ideal ways to buffer the activities that you don’t like so much.

4. It Helps to Keep You Sane

Will you go crazy if you don’t stick to a schedule? Maybe not, but you will feel like you are. Why place more stress on your mental health than needed? Instead, make a schedule and stick to it, allowing you to feel happier and relaxed.

5. You Break Bad Habits

Sticking to a schedule means not falling into those traps that get you off task. These habits could include things like putting off tasks to another day, playing online, or whatever else you tend to do that stops you from getting things done.

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June 19, 2017

The Benefits of Sticking to a Schedule

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