During the school year, working from home can feel like a blessing if you are a parent. When the kids are sick, you don’t need to arrange for childcare, and the same goes for holidays and professional development days.

How to Keep Kids Busy During the Summer While You Work

How to Keep Kids Busy During the Summer While You Work

But then summer comes, and suddenly this whole working from home thing feels a little less like a blessing. You are constantly pulled away from work to help with tasks, grab things for the kids, and even break up fights. Is it possible to survive summer break when working from home?

Absolutely. You just might need to be a little creative in your approach. Below are some ideas for keeping kids busy during the summer while you work.

Check Out Summer Camps

Even young children can attend a summer camp or two. There are plenty of day camp options available, some of which are only a few hours long. This is ideal if you can work quickly and want to spend the rest of your day getting quality time with the kids.

Try Online Tutoring

If your children are older and your internet is strong enough, this is a great option. You set up online tutoring sessions that will prevent your child from falling behind while also keeping your child occupied for up to an hour each day.

Join a Childcare Exchange

Get together with other work-at-home and stay-at-home moms and create a childcare exchange. Each day of the week, the kids head over to a different house. You only need to cover one day a week, giving you four full days each week to take care of business.

Create Centers

Teachers use this in the classroom to allow for small group instruction and independent learning; it can also be applied at home. Create centers in a safe space for the kids and have them switch every 30 minutes. You will want at least four centers with activities such as reading, crafts, and even tablet time so you can keep the kids busy for a while.

Download Audiobooks

If the kids cannot read yet or just don’t feel like it, audiobooks offer a great middle ground, allowing kids to enjoy stories and stay busy. There are audiobook options for kids of all ages, making this a great activity for most children.

Nap or Rest

If your child still takes naps, this is a given. But what about kids who have outgrown naps? Still set aside an hour that is rest time, when the kids need to stay in bed and relax, perhaps listening to music or something else that is soothing but also engaging.

Rotate Toys

Kids get bored with playing with the same toys over and over again. To help with this, store away some of your child’s toys and then rotate them out once a week. This makes them feel like new and will get your child absorbed in playing with them.

Go Outside

If your children are too young to play outdoors unsupervised, grab your laptop and set up shop in the yard as well. Kids do not get enough outdoor time, and you do not want to let the season pass you by without encouraging plenty of it.

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June 22, 2017

How to Keep Kids Busy During the Summer While You Work

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