For bloggers, there are few ways to earn money that are as reliable or fruitful as promoting affiliate products. As long as you choose a trusted program and put in the work, affiliate marketing can provide a stable source of income.

Tips for Earning More Affiliate Income

Tips for Earning More Affiliate Income

But even if you are making good money with affiliate marketing, it certainly won’t hurt to earn more. Is that easier said than done? Yes and no. You do need to do a little more work to make the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts, but you won’t be bending over backwards to do it. Check out our tips for earning more affiliate income.

Weave the Products into a Tutorial

And make sure that when you do, they don’t seem optional. The products need to be vital to the success of whatever you are teaching your readers to do. The goal is to leave readers wanting to do what you have taught them to do, and to do it with the product you are promoting.

Promote the Tutorial

Don’t take the Field of Dreams approach to this; get out there and promote the tutorial. Use social media ads, ask fellow bloggers to share your post, get it in Pinterest, and pull out all your tricks to get as many readers as possible.

Use Your Mailing List

Many bloggers use their mailing list to drive traffic to their blog, but you can also drive traffic from emails directly to the products you are promoting. This removes the step of going to the post and reading it, which means that you can still get a sale even if the recipient isn’t interested in reading a blog post on that given day.

Consistently Pick Products You Know

Part of getting readers to click and buy is making them feel like you really know what you are talking about. And this isn’t something you can fake. Instead of trying to sell products you would never use or know nothing about, stick with what is familiar, or what you can be passionate about. The more you know the product and the more you like the product, the more likely it is that readers will buy.

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June 26, 2017

Tips for Earning More Affiliate Income

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