Whether you only visit the beach when on vacation or you visit at least once a week, a properly stocked beach bag is a must. While some items are obvious, others are not, and there is always the chance you will forget something. To make sure you are beach ready, pack your bag using our list of 10 beach bag must-haves below.

10 Beach Bag Must-Haves

A Scarf

And when it comes to this scarf, the bigger, the better. Opt for one that you can use as a coverup and for a little extra sun protection. And, of course, match it to your suit.

Baby Powder

If you hate the feeling of sand sticking to you, this is an item you need to bring. Just sprinkle some on you and the sand will come right off. Be careful to look for a talc-free option due to the new warnings about talc.


No one wants to sit in the shade all day. And no one wants to turn lobster red either. To ensure you can enjoy the sun without negative effects, pack a big bottle of your favorite sun screen.


And not just any chapstick. Look for those offering SPF protection. Your lips are often forgotten when it comes to sun protection, but you do not want to deal with burnt lips. Ouch!


The sun can also be very painful on the eyes. To protect them, bring a pair of large, funky shades. And, once again, match them to your suit.

Leave-In Conditioner

Spending a day in the sun and in the salty water can really dry out your hair. It can also cause lots of tangles. Leave-in conditioner combats both of these problems, so be sure to grab some for your beach trip.

A Hair Brush

Of course, your conditioner won’t do much good if you cannot brush it through your hair. Look for a brush designed to be used on wet hair to get the best results and the least amount of pain for you.

A Funky Towel

A towel is obvious, but don’t go boring. There are tons of fun towels on the market right now, especially trendy round towels. Use it to express your personality and to create a full ensamble with your suit, scarf, and shades.


A day at the beach can really leave you hungry, but most vendors near the beach are overpriced. Save yourself some money and ensure you get more time on the beach by bringing snacks along with you. And don’t forget the water.

Something Fun

Finally, while the ocean is awesome, you might get bored if that is all you have to enjoy. Bring along a book, a kite, toys, or whatever will make your time oceanside better for you.

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July 14, 2017

10 Beach Bag Must-Haves

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