Are you wondering how to encourage your child to read more? It may be summer, but most schools send kids home for the big break with some homework to do. And the most common assignment? Read! Sometimes this means assigned books, while more commonly it means reading as many books as possible, completing some sort of challenge.

How to Encourage Your Child to Read More

How to Encourage Your Child to Read More

But many parents discover that this is more of a challenge for them than their kids because they need to find a way to encourage their children to read. If you are having a hard time motivating your child to pick up more books, try the tips below.

Use Their Lexile Level

Lexile levels are readability measurements used by most schools in the United States to determine how difficult a given book is to read and what level a child is reading at. If you know your child’s Lexile level, you can use the Lexile database to find book titles that are within their range. If you do not know your child’s Lexile level, pick out a few books that your child can read with a little challenge, but without frustration. Look up their levels; these should give you an idea of your child’s range.

Once you have their range, look up other books within that range and head over to the library to grab them. Children are more likely to read for fun if it is fun, rather than frustrating and demoralizing.

Talk About the Books

If your child is reading independently, it is a good idea to also read the books your child is reading. You can turn this into a little book club between the two of you, discussing your thoughts on the characters, your reactions to the events, and more. If your child is not reading independently, read the book to your child and stop to ask questions every so many pages. This is a common strategy used in the classroom, and it translates well to the home environment.

Create a Culture of Reading in the Home

If children do not see you reading and you do not read to them, you cannot expect them to see reading as something they need to do. Use this as an opportunity to start reading books that have interested you, but you have not made the time for. And if you stopped reading to your child every day once your child started reading on their own, pick up the habit again. Grab a chapter book and read one chapter each night. Not only will it help to create a culture of reading, but it will bring back those bonds you had when you read to your child as a toddler.

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July 19, 2017

How to Encourage Your Child to Read More

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