How do you display your summer seashells? If you make regular trips to the beach, chances are you have quite the seashell collection. But most people don’t know what to do with their collection, often just keeping it in a shoe box in the hall closet. While displaying them sounds nice, it can be difficult to make it look good rather than a bad trinket from some beachside tourist trap.

How do you display your summer seashells? If you make regular trips to the beach, chances are you have quite the seashell collection.

7 Ways to Display Your Summer Seashells

But it can be done, and we are going to show you how. Check out our list of 7 ways to display your summer seashells below.

Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are a great way to make seashells integrate with your décor. If you have an ultra-modern look, or any look other than beachside chic, you might be hesitant to use seashells as décor. However, the right shadow box will help them blend into your overall look with ease.

Glass Jars

This one is super simple to do. Grab a glass jar, even an empty one from the ridge, and fill it with shells. You can add to this with sand, beads, and even lights to give it a unique look. Have fun playing around with this one.

Wind Chimes

Chances are you have seen these chimes for sale during your trips to the beach. Well, rather than buying them, you can make them yourself with your treasures. This is a more time-consuming project, but it is still relatively easy, and you can display the product indoors and out.

Decorative Bowls

Decorative pots and fillers have been a design staple for decades. Instead of purchasing bits and baubles at the design store to fill bowls with, just use your seashell collection to fill them. Or add the seashells to other items you love.

Plant Décor

If you have ever felt like the base of your plant is too plain or the dirt is too attractive to your cats for bathroom time, placing seashells over the soil is a good option. This decorates the plants and adds more dimension to them while also discouraging kitties from digging.


While this will mean only displaying your collection at Christmas, it is a fun way to go. After all, who expects a tropical Christmas tree? And who knows? You might find ways to display these ornaments throughout the year.


Finally, if you are a little crafty, you can turn your seashells into a beachy wreath. You can use this on your door, outside, on a wall, or wherever it works best for you. And it is way more fun than the typical flower wreaths displaying during the majority of the year.

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July 20, 2017

7 Ways to Display Your Summer Seashells

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