Are you wondering about earning more at your garage sale? Whether you need the money, need the space, or both, a garage sale is a great way to clear out the house while also bringing in a little extra money. But how much extra you make depends on your approach. While you will likely sell a few items just by dragging stuff out into the yard and letting people get curious while driving by, more effort will get better results. To maximize your sales, try our five tips for earning more at your garage sale.

6 Tips for Earning More at Your Garage Sale

5 Tips for Earning More at Your Garage Sale

1. Clean Up Big-Ticket Items

Odds and ends will pull in a few bucks here and there, but the only way you are going to make big bucks is by selling big-ticket items. To make them look more appealing, clean them up as much as possible. This will better entice buyers and reduce haggling when it comes to making the sale.

2. Market It

If you are on a major road, you will get some people stopping just from seeing the deals, but overall, you need advertising to drive traffic. Try to advertise in multiple spots. Post about your sale in buy/sell groups on Facebook, fire off a few tweets, put an ad on Craigslist, put up old-fashioned flyers, and even advertise in the local newspaper to catch buyers who aren’t so tech savvy.

3. Know How Low You Will Go

Decide the lowest price you are willing to accept for each item, and then price them a set percentage higher. This percentage should be the same amongst all items. This way you can let people haggle without accepting less than you want.

4. Create Package Deals

The only way you can make money is by moving merchandise, and one way to move more is by making package deals. If you have a lot of similar items, put them all together or at least give the buyers an option of purchasing 2 for 1 or other similar deals.

5. Offer a Presale

You can do this in person or online. If you want, you can even skip the selling and just create a virtual walk-through of the sale to post online when you advertise. This will help to drum up excitement about your sale and allow people to come ready to grab specific items.

6. Merchandise Like Retail Stores

Set your garage sale up for the big ticket, eye-catching items are in the back and make people walk around the smaller stuff to get to them. This makes it more likely they will see something extra they just cannot pass up. Then, at the end, have things like candy and drinks for sale when they go to pay. Chances are they won’t be able to resist.

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July 24, 2017

5 Tips for Earning More at Your Garage Sale

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