Are you wondering how to save for vacation? Treating yourself or your family to a vacation is the ultimate reward. However, it is one you really need to save for. Because so many other things in life can feel like they should be prioritized over a trip, it can be easy to spend the money you mean to save for a trip. To help you take an awesome vacation next year, try our tips below.

How to Save for Vacation

How to Save for Vacation

Create an Account for the Trip

If you have a savings account that is just for the trip, it makes it much easier not to dip into those funds. To make sure you do not forget to put money in the account, set up an automatic transfer every week, two weeks, or a month from your primary savings account. Look for accounts with no minimum balance or fees.

Create a Trip Jar

Or a piggy bank, or whatever works for you. Use this to collect all loose change and then change it out for bills once it is filled. Add this to the savings account when you change out the coins and let it slowly build up and add to your budget.

Do Some Side Gigs

Try Upwrok, Fiverr, and the like. Any money you earn from side gigs automatically goes towards the trip, ensuring you have a steady stream of money helping towards making your vacation next year a reality.

Avoid Temptation

You are going to want to spend your money on other things that offer a more instant reward. Don’t give in. Keep putting extra money away knowing that the memories you are going to make are worth more than the material goods you could acquire in the meantime.

Look for Deals

While this won’t help you save up money, it will help you save on costs. Look into traveling in the off season, and if traveling internationally, check out Groupon for the country you want to travel to. There you will find deals meant for the local economy that will often be crazy good for your budget.

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August 1, 2017

How to Save for Vacation

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