Does your child love craft time? So do we. But we also know that purchasing craft supplies can get pretty pricey over time. Luckily there are lots of upcycled crafts you can do that use items you already have around the house and would otherwise toss into the trash can. Below are 6 picks for upcycled crafts your child will enjoy.

6 Upcycled Crafts Your Child Will Enjoy

6 Upcycled Crafts Your Child Will Enjoy

Crayon Candles

How many pieces of broken crayons do you have laying around the house? If you are like most of us, it is a lot. Instead of tossing them are letting your child struggle to scribble with them, melt them down and turn them into candles. This craft is creative, cool, and even makes a great gift.

T-Shirt Dream Catchers

As your child outgrows his or her clothes, the usual choice is to donate them or pass them down. However, sometimes clothes aren’t in good enough shape for that. In these cases, you can use them for crafting. These t-shirt dream catchers are fun to make and cool to display, sure to impress your child.

Bottle Bubble Blower

Unlike the crafts above, this is a good choice for kids of all ages. It is super simple to make and allows for hours of fun. Once you are done with it, recycle the bottle and create another blower on another day, allowing your child to repeat the process.

Magazine Beads

This is a craft for older children, mainly 2nd grade and above due to the fine motor skills it demands. However, it is a very rewarding craft and one that allows your child to express their personality. Let your child wear these beads, gift them, or find other creative ways to use them in crafts.

Wind Chimes

There are lots of items you could use in creating wind chimes, so get creative with this one. Younger kids can do this with a little help and older children are sure to impress you with their boundless creativity. Once you are done, you can hang them up somewhere special to enjoy for the rest of the season.

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August 2, 2017

6 Upcycled Crafts Your Child Will Enjoy

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