Looking for back-to-school tips? Whether you are looking forward to it or dreading it, school is about to be back in session. This means lots of shopping, lots of planning, and at least a little panic.  But the transition doesn’t need to be terrible with the right approach.  To help you and your child get back into the swing of things, use our 6 back-to-school tips every parent should know.

6 Back-to-School Tips Every Parent Should Know Now

6 Back-to-School Tips Every Parent Should Know

#1 Take Time to Speak with the Teachers

This doesn’t need to be in person if you are busy. In fact, the teachers will likely prefer that you not head on up to the school to surprise them.  Instead, fire off a simple email that introduces yourself and your family and opens up the lines of communication.

#2 Set-Up Playdates

If your child hasn’t had the chance to see friends much this summer, set up play dates right before school starts when everyone should be in town. This helps to strengthen bonds and allows your child to enter the new school year feeling confident.

#3 Let Your Child Pick the Supplies

While you need to follow the list, they tend to be general enough that your child can pick different items to express his or her personality. When you take control of the choices, you take away the excitement, and this excitement can make the transition back to school easier.

#4 Skip the Last-Minute Studying

It has been scientifically proven that kids forget a significant amount of what they learn over summer break. The solution to this is consistent enrichment over the summer months.  However, it can be easy to slack off on that.  Still, the solution isn’t to pack in as much as possible at the last minute.  Keep things light.

#5 Talk About School

 Many kids feel nervous about starting a new school year. They have to adjust to new teachers, new classmates, even whole new schools.  But if you talk it out, your child will feel better about what is to come and enter the new year with confidence.

#6 Change Your Schedule Now

 It is one thing to start waking up an hour earlier. It is another thing to start waking up an hour earlier while also going to school for 8 hours and then coming home to do homework. Having everything change at once is overwhelming, so instead start making small changes now, like waking up at school time and eating lunch according to their schedule this year.

Do you have any back-to-school tips to share?

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August 10, 2017

6 Back-to-School Tips Every Parent Should Know Now

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