Let’s get set for the weekend! Whether at the pool, lake or in the ocean, swimming is a part of summer. But any time you combine kids with open water, there are risks.  Does this mean you should strike swimming from your summer checklist?  No, but it is important that you approach these fun activities with great care.  Below are some important safety tips for enjoying the pool or beach.

Get Set for the Weekend: Safety Tips to Enjoy the Pool/Beach

Get Set for the Weekend

Look for Flags at the Beach

Different spots of shoreline have different levels of risk. Most beaches use a flag system to note which spots are low risk, medium risk, and high risk.  In general, these are green, yellow, and red, but every beach has their own system, so be sure to check before you swim.

Never Swim Without a Lifeguard

No matter where you are swimming, a lifeguard is vital. The average person does not know what drowning looks like and it is easy to not realize that your child is in danger.  This is an even greater risk in open water where there are other hazards that can cause harm to your child.

Swim Only During the Day

At night, you do not have the visibility you need to keep a proper eye on your children. It is also harder for lifeguards if there are even any on duty.  There are also other concerns at night, such as mosquitos and the illnesses they carry.  Stick to daylight hours even if you want to avoid the powerful sun at midday.

Enforce the Rules

All pools and most beaches will have rules you are meant to obey. These rules are not just to dull your fun; they are there for your safety.  While kids may whine and complain about following them, enforce them for their own good.

If you follow these tips, both you and your children should have a great time swimming. Have fun, and make the most of the rest of your summer.

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August 11, 2017

Get Set for the Weekend: Safety Tips to Enjoy the Pool/Beach

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