Today is National Cat Day, so while you no doubt always show your feline friend the affection he or she needs, today is the day to go all out. While the usual pets and scratches are great, take some time to learn how to communicate love to your cat using their own language.  Not sure how?  We’ve got you covered.  Check out our list of 5 ways to show your cat you love them below.

5 Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Them in Honor of National Cat Day

National Cat Day

Give a Kitty Massage

When cats knead on each other, they are essentially giving each other a little massage. You can mimic this with your hands by softly kneading as you pet.  Another option is to use a special brush that helps to work the skin and improve circulation.

Bring Home a Special Toy

House cats are hunters at heart, but you don’t want to bring home a mouse for hunting. However, the same old toys become boring after a while.  Bring home a new, special toy today so your cat can break out of its routine and have some fun.

Grab a Brush

Even if you do not have a special brush as mentioned above, take some time to groom your cat. Cats groom each other as a sign of affection, so when you groom your cat, they understand that you are showing them love.

Talk to Your Cat

While cats do not speak the way we do, they do uses noises to communicate to each other. When you speak to your cat, they understand that you are doing the same, even if they don’t know what you are saying.  This lets your cat feel acknowledged and loved.

Make Eye Contact While Petting Your Cat

Cats like to be looked at. It makes them feel like you are engaging with them and even like they are being worshipped a bit.  That might sound like a bit much, but all cats are queens, so you might as well embrace it.  Just be sure to start the eye contact after you begin petting so it is seen as affection and not a threat.

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August 15, 2017

5 Ways to Show Your Cat You Love Them in Honor of National Cat Day

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