Summer is the time when we send the kids outside and tell them to stay there for a while, get their energy out and breathe some fresh air. But for many parts of the US, there are days in the summer that are simply too hot to send the kids outside for more than a half an hour at a time, if you can safely send them out at all.  This means you need to make up for outdoor time with indoor fun.  To help, try our 7 indoor activities for kids this summer below.

7 Indoor Activities for Kids This Summer

7 Indoor Activities for Kids This Summer

Indoor Skiing

This one might seem silly, but kids love it. Not only do they get to craft their skis, but they get to engage in imaginative play.  We also like that it provides an escape, thinking about the cold winter while escaping the heat of summer.

Skip Counting

Skip counting is an important mathematical skill that your child will need to learn if they don’t know it already, and should be practicing if they do. There are lots of fun ways to practice this, quite a few of which can be found in the link.  Of course, you can easily come up with other ways to practice, allowing you to use this idea time and time again.

All Sorts of Flashlight Fun

Every kid loves flashlights—it would seem to be a universal fact. So why not run with that and have lots of fun with them?  The link above includes multiple game ideas that will keep your children busy not just for an hour, but for days on end.

DIY Marble Run

Marble runs are popular right now, but purchasing the sets can be expensive. Also, they just do not require enough creativity.  But making your own means getting creative, challenging yourself, and have tons and tons of fun.

Super Mario Obstacle Course

A video game come to life? Yes please!  This isn’t the easiest indoor activity to set up, but it is one your child will remember for life.  And isn’t making memories what it is all about?

Tinker Toy Catapults

Finally, this one is a great activity for older children. In addition to gathering the supplies, be sure to prepare the space, but once you do that, step back and let the fun happen.  Or join in.  You know you want to.

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August 16, 2017

7 Indoor Activities for Kids This Summer

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