Wondering about connecting with influential bloggers? Quality content, great design, and interaction with readers on your blog and social media pages are all important when it comes to getting ahead in the blogging world. But even if you get all of this right, you aren’t going to become as successful as you want to be without the help of those who have already made it.

5 Tips for Connecting with Influential Bloggers on Social Media

Connecting with Influential Bloggers

Which means you need to connect with more bloggers on social media, particularly those who are already seen as influencers. Building relationships with these bloggers extends your reach and makes you more visible to your target audience. And we have some tips for how you can do this using social media.

1. Know Who the Influencers Are

Every blog has its niche, and every niche has its influential bloggers. Your first step is to figure out who these people are. Look for lists of the most influential bloggers within your niche and then determine which ones seem to best fit with your vision for your own blog.

2. Connect Professionally

While you can, and should, follow these influencers on as many social media platforms as possible, you need to place importance on connecting with them professionally. Do this via LinkedIn. This helps to set you apart from the average reader and fan and establishes you as someone who floats in the same circles, even if you aren’t quite there yet.

3. Get a Feel for Them

Even if you have been reading their blog and following their social media for a while, continue to do so with you new perspective of wanting to connect with them on a professional level. Get a feel for the kind of content they like, the approaches they take, and even the tone of their writing. Once you have a feel for them, start thinking about what you are wanting from a relationship with them. Do you want to write a guest post? Team up on a series? Just get some guidance?

4. Make Contact

Once you have a feel for them and know what you are looking for, it is time to make contact. Because this is professional in nature, the way to do this is through LinkedIn. Use clear, concise, professional language and all the conventions of a professional email.

5. Keep Contact Going

No matter the results of this initial contact, keep it going. Now, we don’t mean message them over and over until you end up blocked. What we mean is keep interacting on social media across their various accounts. Like and share posts, make comments, and just generally stay active in interacting with them and supporting them as a fellow blogger.

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August 23, 2017

5 Tips for Connecting with Influential Bloggers on Social Media

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