Wondering about a name for your blog? A blog is a business, and as is the case with any business, the name can make or break it. Because of this, most bloggers put more thought into naming their blog than they do their children. Of course, the more thought you put into it, the more you can trip yourself up and end up feeling frustrated. To help, we have a few simple tips for picking the perfect name for your blog.

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Name for Your Blog

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Name for Your Blog

1. Name with Domain in Mind

When you want to go to Google, you type in Google.com. For Wikipedia, Wikipedia.org. Being able to type in the name of the site you want and just add the .com or .org makes things simple for you as an internet user, and you want to do the same for your readers. Plus, it helps with branding.

2. Work Your Niche into the Name

When people read the name of your blog, they should have at least a hint of what you have to offer. Some examples of this from real blogs are:

  • Minimalist Baker
  • Cult of Pretty
  • Free-Range Kids
  • Fit Bottomed Girls
  • Small Business Trends

Reading these blog names, you can easily guess the topics they cover: baking, beauty, parenting, fitness, and business. In fact, most of them get even more specific than that. You know that Free-Range Kids covers a specific style of parenting and Small Business Trends doesn’t cover the world of business at large, but specifically trends in small businesses.

3. Short and Sweet

Something else you may have noticed from the blog names above is that the longest ones are just three words. This is the gold standard when it comes to blog names: three words or less. This makes your blog easier to remember, easier to search for, and it also makes things like graphics and business cards easier to design.

4. Consult Your Friends

When parents name a baby, they have to examine their name choice from many different angles. Does it sound good? Flow well? Too common? Too weird? Does it sound like something else? Is it easy to make fun of? Well, you need to do the same with your blog name. However, we are often too close to the names we come up with to be objective, so get some outsider perspective on your ideas.

5. Get Some Logos

Before you purchase your domain, you need to see just what this name is going to look like on logos, business cards, banners, etc. Make them or head to Fiverr to get someone to create them for you. You may discover that once you are seeing it, it no longer feels right. On the other hand, this might be what seals the deal.

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August 24, 2017

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Name for Your Blog

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