Wondering what to blog about today? When you first get started with blogging, coming up with original content is fairly simple. You have all these ideas swirling in your head and the whole reason you created a blog was to get them out. But as time goes on, it can get harder and harder to come up with ideas for posts. If you are stuck in a rut, we are here to get you out. Check out our 6 tips for creating original content on your blog.

6 Tips for Creating Original Content on Your Blog

6 Tips for Creating Original Content on Your Blog

1. Read Other Blogs

But you want original content ideas! We know, and we know this might seem counterintuitive, but we promise, it works. As you read, ask yourself what spin you could put on the post that would change it, improve it, or turn it into something brand new.

2. Ask the Readers

This is a great way to get unique ideas that are also guaranteed to please. Plus, when you use reader ideas, it makes them feel honored and respected. This is important as readers who feel like just a number become jaded.

3. Interview or Profile Someone

Now, you might not be able to do this with someone famous, but you don’t need to interview a big star. Everyday people have incredibly interesting lives once you get them to open up. Look for people with your community who could offer an engaging interview to put on your blog.

4. Write a Review

There are so many things you can review just based on your day-to-day interactions with them. You can review clothing, recipes, dishes at restaurants, medicine with sick—really, just about anything. And since it is from your perspective, it will be 100% unique content.

Do you have any tips for finding new ideas to blog about?

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August 25, 2017

6 Tips for Creating Original Content on Your Blog

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