Wondering why you should watermark your photos? The obvious answer is to protect your intellectual property. But the truth is that if you know how to use Google, you can quickly learn how to remove a watermark from just about any image. So knowing that you might be wondering why you would bother with watermarking your photos at all. Well, allow us to explain.

Why You Should Watermark Your Photos and How to Do It

Why You Should Watermark Your Photos and How to Do It

First, It is a Deterrent

If someone is dead set on using your image without permission, they will do it. But for those who are just looking for something that will work for their purposes and they aren’t too specific about it, they will continue on to find an image that is easier to use. So while it doesn’t prevent all theft, it does minimize it.

Second, Your Watermark Can Be Used for Branding

This is especially true if you go beyond just putting your name or blog name on it and use the same font as on your website, or even a logo. This ensures that your branding is visible on every image your readers look at, as well as when it is shared on social media. Basically, it helps to sear your brand into the memories of those who view your images, even when not viewed directly on your site.

Third, It Makes it Easier to Give Credit

Most people on social media share mindlessly. They do not stop to think about giving credit to the person who created the image, not because they are being malicious, but because this isn’t a term paper and they aren’t citing their sources. Your watermark then serves as the citation and ensures they everyone knows exactly where the image came from.

How Do You Do It?

While there are plenty of ways you can add a watermark, including software that only does watermarking, Adobe Photoshop is the best place to do this. Use Tool and select gray for the text color. Then create the text you want and adjust opacity. You can do the same with a vectorized logo.

So if you aren’t already watermarking your photos, now is the time to start.

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August 30, 2017

Why You Should Watermark Your Photos and How to Do It

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