Need help with taking quality photos? Whether you are looking to up your Instagram game or just want to improve your family snapshots, the key isn’t so much purchasing the right equipment as it is mastering a few basics that you can use on most any camera. By changing your approach, you change the result. And we have 4 tips for taking quality photos that will get you exactly the results you are looking for.

4 Tips for Taking Quality Photos

4 Tips for Taking Quality Photos

1. Get at Eye Level

When photographing your subject, try to be at their eye level, even if they aren’t making eye contact with the camera. This makes the photos feel more engaging, and more like the viewer is there themselves. This works with both human and animal subjects.

2. Minimize the Background Noise

This is true whether you are snapping shots of people, jewelry, food, or anything else. Cluttered backgrounds distract from the subject of the photo, and if you are in an uncontrolled environment, can also provide some rather embarrassing surprises.

3. Get Close, But Not Too Close

Many amateur photographers make one of these two mistakes: standing too far from their subject or getting too close. You want the subject to fill the majority of the frame without making it feel crowded. If you are doing food photography, in some cases getting a little bit closer than normal is okay.

4. Stop Centering Your Shots

Many people automatically try to place their subject in the center of their photo, but when you look at famous paintings and photographs, you will notice that few of them place the subject dead center in their photo. There are lots of mathematical sequences that explain ideal layout in photos and other art, but to keep it simple, just try playing around with placing your subjects in different positions within the frame.

While these 4 tips are simple, they will make a world of difference when it comes to your photographs.

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September 4, 2017

4 Tips for Taking Quality Photos

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