Wondering what tech your college student will need? A few decades ago, college students barely relied on technology at all. They would need a scientific calculator and as long as the school had a computer lab to use, that was about it. Now, college life is centered around the use of technology, from tablets for note-taking to special add-ons that improve the quality of writing. To make sure your child is ready for their fall term, purchase them the technology below.

Tech Your College Student Will Need

Tech Your College Student Will Need

A Tablet

When it comes to lectures, note-taking is key. However, many college classrooms have desks that are too small for a laptop. Not to mention that sometimes you need to take photos. A tablet makes all of this easy to do, which is why your college student needs one.

A Laptop

While you can do some typing on a tablet without issue, if you are writing term papers, it is less than ideal. This is why your child also needs a laptop. As long as it can run a word processing program and access the internet, your child will do well with it for most majors.

Laptop Lock

No matter where you are, there will be people looking to take things that don’t belong to them. And technology items are always tempting. To keep your child’s laptop safe, purchase a laptop lock.

Microsoft Office and One Drive

When you purchase a Microsoft Office subscription, it will come with One Drive, which makes this one a bit easier. The Office suite is vital to getting work done and also has lots of new features, especially for college students. One Drive ensures that their work is automatically saved to the cloud, making it less likely that they will lose their work.


This one is going to cost you over a hundred dollars every year, but if your child is not an English major, it will be worth it. Grammarly is the best tool on the market for catching grammatical and spelling errors and it can be used when composing emails and with Microsoft Word.

A Surge Protector

Many dorms are an older building, which means old wiring. This can result in electrical surges that fry charging phones, tablets, and laptops. Guard against this with a quality surge protector. Look for one that offers lots of outlets as well as USB spots.

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September 5, 2017

Tech Your College Student Will Need

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