So, you have a great idea and you need to get the person in charge to see that it is as amazing as you know it to be. This requires that you make a pitch letter. This could be to a fellow blogger for a guest post, a publication for an article, or even a company for sponsorship. Whatever your goal is, you need to use your powers of persuasion to realize it.

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Pitch Letter

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Pitch Letter

And yes, that is easier said than done, like many things in life. But with the right approach, you greatly increase your chances of getting the results you want. Below are 5 tips for writing the perfect pitch letter to help you.

1. Follow the Standards

Way back when, you were taught how to create professional correspondence in school. While too many emails may have made you rusty, it is time to break out those skills again. Include professional header information, direct the letter to the person in charge, and research the person and the topic before making your pitch.

2. Focus on the Hook

Just as is the case with articles and posts, your pitch should have an opening line that hooks the reader. Now, you won’t want this to be too buzzy since this is professional correspondence, but it does need to be attention grabbing. Whether you focus on yourself or the idea you are pitching is up to you.

3. Be Specific

For one, the person you are writing to isn’t looking to do the work for you. For another, being too general just makes you seem wishy-washy. Chances are the people you need to convince are direct and driven, and they will want to work with someone who is the same.

4. Sell Yourself

Even if your idea is great, why should you be the person they go with? You need to let them know. While your idea is important, so is selling yourself. Don’t be afraid to brag a little—just in a professional manner.

5. Make it Easy to Learn About You

Your pitch letter should not turn into your autobiography or portfolio. But the person in charge will want to learn more about you. Be certain to have your contact information included in your pitch letter so you are easy to find and learn more about—and, of course, contact once they decide to take you up on the pitch.

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September 18, 2017

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Pitch Letter

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