By now, you know that most successful bloggers outsource at least some of their work. But because you are so close to your own work, it can be hard to realize when you have made it big enough that you need a little help. So how can you know when the time is right? By looking for our signs that you need a virtual assistant.

When Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

When Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

1. Your To-Do List Seems Endless

Between what you need to do for your blog and what you need to do for all the other aspects of your life, you will go to bed sometime in 2024. This, as you can imagine, isn’t good. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks ahead of you, it is time to delegate them to someone else.

2. A Lot of Your Work is Administrative

You are the driving creative force behind your blog, but you are noticing that most of the tasks you complete require little creativity. Instead, you are replying to emails, answering phones, sending out query letters, and other administrative tasks. Unlike the creative end of your business, these are all things a virtual assistant can handle for you.

3. Days Off Are Few and Far Between

Do you need to work weekends to get everything done? Are you pulling more all-nighters than you did in college? If so, it is time to let someone else help. Blogging may not be a traditional 9-5 job, but that doesn’t mean you should put in more hours than you would if you were working one. And if you are also working a 9-5 job, then you really need someone to carry some of the load.

4. You Are Starting to Feel Stale

If you notice that your creative energy is burning out, it is a sign you are working yourself too hard. A virtual assistant will help to take away some of the burden so your creative side can recharge. With the right virtual assistant, they might even be able to offer you some inspiration, getting you back on track.

Did any of these apply to you? Then it is time to seek out some help. Start looking for the right virtual assistant for you.

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September 19, 2017

When Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

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