Does anyone actually visit about me pages? Believe it or not, yes, many people do. When it comes to your search engine ranking, your credibility with readers, and how sponsors see you, your about me page is critical. In fact, it is likely the most visited page on your site besides your home page. Because of this, you need to make certain it is the best it can be. Below are our tips for writing the perfect about me page for your blog.

Tips for Writing the Perfect About Me Page for Your Blog

Tips for Writing the Perfect About Me Page for Your Blog

1. Target Your Audience

And in the case of your about me page, this may not be the same as the audience you create your posts for. While your readers will love learning more about you, the information will be much more important to fellow bloggers looking to work with you and companies considering sponsoring you. Be sure that you are providing the information they will be looking for to form an opinion of you.

2. Don’t Turn It into a Resume

Yes, you are trying to sell yourself to important people, but you still need to stay fresh and relatable. After all, this is no doubt part of why you caught their eye in the first place. Weave your accomplishments and qualifications into your about me page, but treat it like a story.

3. Include a Great Photo

The kind of photo you use will depend on your blog. If your blog has a very professional tone, opt for a headshot. But if you are more casual, something that feels candid will be better. And, of course, tie it into your theme if at all possible.

4. Give Them an Idea

Sometimes people come across your blog without having an exact idea in mind for how they will work with you. You can suggest some in your about me page by noting guest blogs you have written and companies you have worked with, as well as how you worked with them. Plant the seed.

5. Direct Them to Your Contact Page

Once you have helped them see that you are the right person for the job, it is time to make it easy for them to contact you. Direct them to your contact page, and make sure that page is excellent as well, otherwise they might change their minds.

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September 20, 2017

Tips for Writing the Perfect About Me Page for Your Blog

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