Are you looking for information on building your email list? As a blogger, you know that having an email list is vital when it comes to things like selling your eBooks, running giveaways, and just generally interacting with your readers. However, building an email list is not an easy task, especially as more and more people move away from using email in general. Despite this, we promise that you can build your list and reach more readers. Below are 7 ways you can do this.

7 Tips for Building Your Email List

7 Tips for Building Your Email List

1. Start with Quality Content

You want your emails to be informative, entertaining, and engaging. The goal is not just to get those who have already subscribed to read your email, but for it to be so good that your readers want to forward it to family and friends, bringing in new readers.

2. Include Social Share Buttons

Because email use has somewhat fallen out of popularity, you cannot rely on your readers to even know the email addresses of friends and family. As such, you need to make it easy for them to share your emails on social media. Social share buttons make this easy and provide a visual reminder to share.

3. Make Signing Up Part of a Contest

People have a hard time passing up the chance to win something. Who doesn’t like getting things for free? If you make signing up for your email list part of the contest, you will get plenty of new people signing up.

4. Create Targeted Lists

Many people do not want to sign up for a general email list because they don’t want to receive emails that are of no use to them. To help them get what they need, create targeted email lists that focus on specific niches. This way you can reach more people with more relevant content.

5. Give Them Something in Return

If you ask people to sign up without giving them something in return, you are asking for something for nothing, and that doesn’t go over to well. But if you offer them something—perhaps a free eBook—in return for signing up, then you give them the motivation they need.

6. Promote That Something on Social Media

Do not wait for people to find your blog to learn about the eBook. Instead, promote it using social media. This will get more people interested, leading to more signups.

7. Have Another Blogger Promote You

They do not need to promote the email list in particular. In fact, they shouldn’t. But if they can drive traffic towards your blog, it is inevitable that some of that traffic will turn into new subscribers to your email list.

Do you know other ways to grow your email list? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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September 22, 2017

7 Tips for Building Your Email List

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