Wondering how to build a community on Instagram? Most of us are now social media natives; even if we didn’t use social media when we were teens, we have been using it for a decade or more, and overall, it comes naturally to us. However, some platforms are more comfortable for us than others. For example, Facebook has long been the social media king, and most of us have used it daily for years.

How to Build a Community on Instagram

How to Build a Community on Instagram

Then there are the newer platforms, like Instagram. These platforms are growing every day and are vital to keeping your business relevant. But how do you use them? More specifically, how can you build a community for your business?

With Instagram, this isn’t easy to do, but it can be done. Below are some ways you can build your Instagram community and expand your reach.

Follow the People You Want to Follow You

Instagram is a community where there is an expected give and take; specifically, it is expected that if you follow someone, they will in turn follow you. Now, this doesn’t mean you should follow every potential customer. Rather, you want to follow the influencers in your niche. To find these people, use hashtags that apply to your business and then look for the people who have a sizeable following. Then, follow them. With luck, they will follow you and then their followers will do so as well.

Be Clear About Who or What You Are

When you follow someone, you want them to see that you are not just an ordinary follower, but a company or at least someone who might have some influence. Most major influencers do not follow every ordinary person who follows them; when you have millions of followers, this is impossible. Use a name and profile photo that make it clear that you have something to offer and emphasize this in your profile.

Propose Collaboration

While just being followed by an influential person will get you some followers, being featured by them in a post or series of posts is the best way to bring in new people. Do not be afraid to reach out and suggest some type of collaboration. This might be having the influencer feature your product, it could be just hanging out and documenting it, or anything in between. However, once again, the give and take is important and you need to think about what you can offer in return.

Use Those Hashtags

Another great way to bring in lots of new followers is to use relevant hashtags. These should relate to your posts while also picking up on things that are trending in popular culture. The goal is to be relevant and authentic, not fake and capitalizing. Savvy users will easily be able to tell the difference.

Take Quality Photos and Video

Finally, Instagram is a visual platform, which means your visuals need to be top notch. Potential followers are looking for fun, interesting photos and videos that are well shot, not pixilated, and just generally are high quality. This may mean investing in some editing apps and a better phone or camera, but the results will be worth it.

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October 4, 2017

How to Build a Community on Instagram

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