Are you wondering about using LinkedIn? Chances are you have at least heard of LinkedIn even if you are not active on the platform. You know it is the professional social network, designed to help you make connections within your field. While that sounds great for traditional careers, you might wonder if it can really offer you much as a blogger.

Tips for Using LinkedIn for Blogging Purposes

Tips for Using LinkedIn for Blogging Purposes

Well, we can unequivocally tell you that yes, it does offer you a lot as a blogger—as long as you take the right approach. Below we have compiled our best tips for using LinkedIn as a blogger.

Start with an Excellent Profile

With other social media platforms, your profile is just one of those things you have to have, and it is your content that matters. This isn’t the case with LinkedIn. Here, your profile is everything. It establishes who you are, why people should trust you, and what kind of influence you have in your niche. You want this to be complete, professional, friendly, and good enough that if you were applying for a job, potential employers would be unable to resist you.

Make Connections

Once your profile is complete, it is time to seek out influencers and connect with them. These people might be other bloggers in your niche, high-profile personalities with a base that could relate to your blog, or even businesses related to what you do. You also should connect with clients and readers when possible, as well as anyone you have collaborated with in the past. LinkedIn will then suggest new connections, allowing you to expand your network.

Share Content

LinkedIn is not a platform where you post multiple times a day, or even every day. The goal is to share quality, relevant content that interests people on a professional level. Share articles you publish, authority posts, and updates that relate to your professional ventures. Set a goal of 2-3 posts each week to stay active.

Join or Create Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are a great way to get fresh ideas and perspectives from others, completely for free. This way you don’t need to pay to take classes or to read eBooks and you still learn a lot. Additionally, you will meet people outside the reach of your network, allowing you to continue expanding your reach and influence.

Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Elsewhere

LinkedIn may not be a button you want on every post on your blog, but it should be on your contact page and your about me. You might also want to take some time every so many weeks to share it on other social media platforms so influencers who have noticed you can easily find you and connect with you. Be creative with your promotion.

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October 5, 2017

Tips for Using LinkedIn for Blogging Purposes

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