Pinterest is THE place for finding great ideas. Whether you are looking for business tips or makeup tips, or just about anything else, Pinterest is the first place we turn to, even before Google. And this means that any plan for driving traffic to your site should include Pinterest.

Pinterest Strategies for Increasing Traffic

Pinterest Strategies for Increasing Traffic

Pinterest is unique in that it is social media, but it functions similar to a search engine. As such, your social media strategies used on other sites may not be so relevant here. Below are some simple tips to help you drive traffic using Pinterest.

Create a Post Board

This board should pin all of the posts you write. This keeps them on a single board for those who are interested, but more importantly, it gets the pins on Pinterest. This allows other users to stumble upon them, and as a result, your blog.

Create a Portfolio Board

Do you write posts on other sites? Don’t neglect them. Pin those as well and in your author profile on those sites, link back to your blog. This board is great for helping people discover you as readers and as other professionals in the field.

Tailor Post Graphics to Pinterest

Much like Instagram, what grabs readers isn’t the written content, but the visual. However, quality Pinterest visuals play by specific rules. You want a visual that includes multiple photos as well as text, allowing the reader to quickly and easily assess what they will find when they click on the link. Infographics tend to get more clicks than any other type of image on Pinterest.

Craft the Caption

You do not want the captions for your pins to be basic. While it is important to get the idea of the post into the caption, you want it to read friendly and authentic while also incorporating the buzzwords readers in your niche will be looking for. A great approach is to include a way the readers can apply the pin so its relevance is clear from the start.

And Don’t Forget Keywords

Based on your keywords, your pins will be indexed by both Pinterest and Google. You want your keywords to be high quality so they are easy for people to find during searches. Keep in mind that the keywords that are best on Pinterest and best for Google may be different and you will want to incorporate both.

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October 10, 2017

Pinterest Strategies for Increasing Traffic

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